You can run the iBoardbot´s connectivity wizard on this link:Wizard
If you want to change the configuration of your iBoardbot:Change config
If you run into problems on the configuration use this link:Troubleshooting

First time configuration instructions:

1- Connect the iBoardbot to the power supply
2- Wait until orange led (on the iBoardbot electronics lateral) blinks quickly (it takes some seconds)
3- Open the Wifi settings of your Smartphone, tablet or computer
4- Connect to the Wifi network: "JJROBOTS_IBB"

5- Use this password: 87654321
Now you are connected to the iBoardbot, read the instructions and then press the Go to Wizard button
6- After clicking/tapping on the green button at the bottom of the wizard page, you will load this config page:

7- Set both SSID(wifi network name) and password.
 Note: you need to type your SSID name
 Example: SSID: mywifi4
   password: passwifi2016
 Note:SSID and password are case sensitive, make sure you fill it correctly
9- Then click/tap on the SEND button
 If you need to configure an http proxy server, press the advanced link and fill the proxy address and port

Now it´s time to run the wizard...
If you have problems, return to this page and read also the Troubleshooting part

Registering the iBoardbot

10- Once you have completed the wizard a new webpage should be loaded and you can proceed to the registration process
11- The first field is your iBoardbot ID and is automatically created(you don´t need to modify it)
12- On the second field you need to enter your REGKEY
  You have the REGKEY on a sticker in your iBoardbot packet. Don´t lose it!
  You will need your REGKEY to administer your iBoardbot. 13- Enter your email (make sure it´s correct)
14- Optionally enter a name for your iBoardbot
15- Press the register button!
16- Now it will show a welcome page with a button to launch your APP!
17- Press the button, check you already have the marker placed on the iBoardbot and test it with a simple text!

Change the configuration of your iBoardbot

If you need to change the configuration of your wifi connection, simply run the wizard and skip the registration part and launch your APP.
  Important Note to Android users! If you have problems when you reconnect to the wifi JJROBOTS_IBB simply delete the network on your smartphone wifi setup and connect again using the supplied password:87654321


First check that your iBoardbot orange LED is solid, if the LED is blinking that means that the robot is in config mode yet. Please discconect the power plug and reconnect it again. Wait at least 30 seconds, if the orange LED is solid, all is OK!, if it´s blinking something goes wrong, you need to start the wizard again

You could find more help on the jjrobots iBoardbot forum page